Subject Tutoring

We offer tutoring for a variety of different subjects and grades.

Tutors to Teach will match your child with a qualified tutor in your area. Your tutor will develop a customized learning program tailored to the unique needs of the individual student, so that your child can work towards understanding important skills that he or she needs to succeed in school.

Main school subjects:

  • Afrikaans Lessons
  • English Lessons
  • Maths Lessons – Literacy / Core
  • Science Lessons
  • isiZulu Lessons

Below are more of the school subjects our tutors are able to assist with:

  • Life Science
  • Accounting Lessons
  • Technical Drawing Lessons
  • Computer Science Lessons
  • Business Economics Lessons
  • Computer Studies Lessons
  • EMS
  • EGD
  • Geography Lessons
  • History Lessons

In addition to the above, our tutors can also help with:

  • Study Skills
  • Homework Assistance

Waste no time – Request A Tutor now.

Whatever your child needs, we will work with you to find a qualified tutor in your area that could give your child that extra boost in school and help them reach their true potential.


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