Why Private Tutoring?

Private tutoring can be extremely beneficial because it gives the student 100% individual and personal attention, and the essential key skills and strategies they need to be successful at school.

Tutoring will help your child excel and improve their grades, give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace and gain confidence in their academic abilities, and help them to develop a positive attitude towards a subject.

Private tuition is without a doubt the most effective way to learn, and there are many benefits that come with private 1-on-1 tutoring.

Happy schoolchildren with many books sitting in classroom.

Benefits of hiring a Private Tutor:

  • 100% individual and personal attention
  • Improves or maintains your child’s marks
  • Assists on daily homework
  • Helps catch up after falling behind
  • Prepares students for tests and exams
  • Assistance in school projects
  • Helps improve study habits
  • Helps understand school work
  • Students learn at his/her own pace
  • Teach time management and organisation
  • Increase in their self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Encouragement and understanding
  • Helps students reach their full potential
  • Takes pressure off the parents

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